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What Niche Would Be the Best for Your Future Blog

So, you’ve decided to start a blog. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and all sorts of great paths are just waiting to be walked on. But what exactly are you going to write about?

If your mind is still split between multiple ideas or you just can’t find something that seems interesting writing topics, you’re definitely not the only one. So, let’s brainstorm together and find the best niche for your future blog.

What Exactly Do You Need A Niche?

Doesn’t writing about different areas of interest bring you a bigger audience?

The answer is most often, no. Writing on several non-related topics means you will be constantly changing your audience. While not impossible, it’s very unlikely that someone interested in hunting will also search for high heels trends.

On the other hand, focusing on just one topic will guarantee that readers that like one of your posts will also come back to read the other ones because they still revolve around their field of interest. This way, you’ll also become an authority in your area of expertise and gain recognition.

Steps for Choosing the Best Niche for Your Blog

In the process of choosing the right niche for your blog, you will need to ask yourself these three questions:

  • How passionate are you about the topic?
  • Is it popular enough with other people?
  • Will you be able to monetize it?

Now, in order to validate the answer to each of these questions, try following the steps below.

The Idea

Your brainstorming session is probably on. But wait a minute! In order to make sure that your ideas represent your actual interests, try to look around you a bit.

Take a look at your daily routine and at all the objects surrounding you. What do they say about you? Writing a blog requires a lot of passions because and long-term commitment. Focusing on a topic that’s actually part of your life will allow you to stay motivated and always find the necessary ideas for posts.

Having an interest is great, but having a passion, talent and the necessary dedication to stick with it is priceless.

The Public Demand

 There is no blogging without an audience, so choosing a topic of public interest is essential. There are several factors to take into consideration here, like the market size, the traffic potential, as well as the benefits that your niche might bring to people.

In order to check if people will find your topics of choice interesting, consider using the tools below.

  • Google Trends. Using this tool will allow you to see if people are actually searching for your niche and if the interest is increasing or decreasing over time.
  • KW Finder. By using keywords, you will be able to see just how many searches your niche has. If it has at least several thousand searches each month, you’re good to go.
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner. This tool will allow you to see the average monthly searches for specific keywords as well as the competition for them.

The Monetization Potential

 Will your future readers have the potential to buy stuff that you’re promoting? Will you be able to make your blog profitable through advertising, affiliate marketing or services? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome niche.

Final Thoughts

 The struggle to find the proper niche is part of any blogger’s initiation so don’t worry if it takes a little bit more time until you actually start off your blog. Better take some time to make a wise choice now than possibly regret it later.


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