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Communication Theory: Postmodernism and Post Structuralism

Communication Theory: Postmodernism and Post Structuralism

As for this assignment, we are going to summarize on the main points of three articles. We can start with the postmodern media study which is written by Harms and Dickens. The main topics that are discussed in this book include the role of mass media and the postmodern condition, the sensibility of the postmodern, the medias cape of the postmodern the audience and their subjectivity and also we have critique and so on. When we look at the postmodern condition it can be seen to refer to the changes that occur in both the material as well as the cultural dimensions through drama. Media can be seen to play vital roles in the promotion of information and knowledge (Kline 74). The media can also be seen to incorporate diversity that is unprecedented from different cultures and consequently the culture on post modernism can be characterized with facts that are mixed up with differences and similarities. Under postmodern sensibility, we get to understand the fact that the era on modern age can be said to be over (Philips & John 79). This sensibility focuses on the immanence instead of transcendence and emphasis on shift from politics that are purposeful. The postmodern Medias cape has led to the recognition of implosion of the media and as a result the analysts have had to question on the practices that relate to.

When we look at the audiences and subjectivity, the inflation of information can lead to the meaning being dwindled. As a result the audience ends up responding to the information not by the meaning but in reference to its relation and connection to a referent that is external (Soukup 12). Other important topics in reference to this book are based on Critique and opinions that are based towards critical media studies. According to the Structure, sign and play in the discourse of the Human services by Derrida we get to see that there is a tendency for most of the philosophers to denounce one another especially due to the reliance based on a discourse that is problematic (Kline 54). According to this book the reliance is inevitable since one is able to only write the language that they have inherited. This book discusses on how philosophy as well as how social sciences can be seen to interpret on structures abstractly. Structuralism refers to an analysis which understands on the elements of language as well as culture which are normally embedded in structures which are larger. A clear analysis is also given on the relationships that exist in reference to the elements of the cultural system which include mythology.

Lastly we have the book called the precession of simulacra; Baudrillard can be seen to describe the various successive phases based on an image which are four in number. The decisive points of turning in the phases of succession are also discussed in this book. Baudrillard can also be seen to argue the fact that the World was created through postmodern industrial capitalism (Kline 87). The irreference on divine images is also described. Images can be said not to exhibit the exact correspondence in reference to the reality. Dissimulation and simulation is also talked about in this book. Dissimulation refers to the process where an individual pretends not to own or have what you own; on the other hand simulation refers to the act of pretending you have something while in the real sense you don’t (Philips & John 98). Concepts based on the hyper real and the imaginary are also used in the explanation of concepts in this book.

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