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Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Wouldn’t it be nice if things went perfectly from the first try? That would be amazing, but life loves pranking us by pulling up some things that have consequences. In blogging, this isn’t out of the question either.

Lots of people consider blogging to be this piece of cake job but in reality, if you make them sit down and write something engaging, reality hits them like a truck. That being said, it’s not easy to be a blogger and you’re bound to make some mistakes. Some are better off being avoided, which can be done by knowing about them beforehand. Without further ado, let’s see some of the blogging mistakes you should not encounter.

  1. Thinking People Care About You

We all want to be loved and valued, but the harsh reality is that people take the most interest in themselves above all. Many times, when bloggers are starting out, their sites are all “me, me, me”. This is a mistake that could cost you a large number of views, as people are not interested to hear from you.

When they come to a blog, they want to know how your content can help them. Most times, people have an issue and are looking for a solution, which you have to offer to them. If all you can talk about is your last vacation in the Bahamas, they won’t be too drawn to it.

  1. Inconsistency

If you want people to come to your blog on the regular, you must have some level of consistency. That said, you can’t make one post tomorrow, then totally forgot you have a blog until half a year later. People will easily be put off by this and forget about your blog themselves. As such, they won’t be interested to follow you anymore and would rather go to other creators.

Make a schedule for your posts. You don’t have to post every day, but form a habit of making 2-3 posts every week, and people will learn the fact that you are constantly bringing new content and will keep an eye on you.

  1. Developing a Stats Obsession

All content creators want their hard-work to be viewed and appreciated but checking your stats once every two minutes can be nerve-racking. You’ll become obsessed and lose self-confidence as soon as the stats for your latest post look worse than those from a previous one.

Stats won’t always be explosive, so instead of focusing on numbers, focus on delivering quality content on the regular, and success will follow naturally.

  1. Not Promoting Your Posts

Social media is a great way to promote content nowadays, and not using it to your advantage can be detrimental to your success. You should always make sure to promote your posts on your social platforms, but also implement features that let your users share your posts too. This way, you’ll hit numbers and be a successful blogger.

  1. Poor Titles and Headlines

You may be able to write good content, but are you able to make attention-grabbing titles and headlines? This is one problem many people struggle with, which is really bad because the title and headline are the ones giving the first impression. They determine whether the reader wants to continue and should just stop there.

The titles and headlines must convey the core essence of the post while not giving away too much. In other words, tell them what they’re going to find out if they read the post, but don’t give them the answer from the get-go. This will get them invested to read to the end.

Trying to avoid blogging mistakes can be a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end. Try your best to not make the mistakes presented in this article, and work to prevent them instead.

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